Channels For Innovation

WaterStart operates in a region of proven first adopters, sitting at the nexus of technology, research and economic development. We provide channels for innovation for various stakeholders and water resource managers; including: technology companies, management agencies and policy makers.

We start by identifying the technology needs of our partners. With that in mind, we then recruit companies with novel solutions to those challenges to Nevada and provide the expertise and funding to test and demonstrate the viability of their product. Strategic partnerships across the state allow us to bridge the gap, enabling technology companies to work closely with first adopters, helping to scale effective solutions, faster.

As fresh water becomes increasingly scarce, water resource management and sustainability will be vital to maintaining quality of life and economic development in communities around the world. WaterStart was established in 2013 to address these issues. With world-renowned experts at the helm, WaterStart is poised to become a leading resource for global and municipal water management and sustainability.