WaterStart Welcomes McDonald’s as Newest Member and Ian Olson to the Board of Directors

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Global Cohort of Private and Public Companies Join Forces to Advance Innovation in Water

LAS VEGASJuly 20, 2021 — In February of this year, McDonald’s became the newest champion of WaterStart’s vision for a sustainable water future. As both a Board Member and technology adopter in WaterStart’s global Pilot Program, McDonald’s will play a role in how emerging water solutions are identified, evaluated, and deployed.

With this move, McDonald’s joins private companies, including MGM Resorts International, and public water agencies which collectively serve more than 33 million people across the globe. WaterStart functions as a vehicle for pooling resources and knowledge across these organizations, a model which reduces risk and exponentially increases capacity to advance innovative water solutions. WaterStart is uniquely positioned to amplify the efforts of municipal, commercial and industrial water users to ensure the availability of clean, safe, and affordable water in a changing climate.

“We are moving beyond water stewardship as a business strategy and towards a future defined by resilient growth and meaningful commitment to the communities we serve,” commented Ian Olson, Director of Sustainability for McDonald’s and WaterStart’s newest Board Member. “WaterStart provides the resources and peer network to help us demonstrate this commitment through action.”

“Like all of our partners, McDonald’s recognizes the inextricable connection between water and the economic, social and environmental improvements we all hope to see in our lifetimes,” said WaterStart Executive Director Nathan Allen. He added, “WaterStart will help McDonald’s find the next innovative technology in their sustainability toolbox, and McDonald’s will contribute to our knowledge sharing platform, a resource which allows members not only to excel in their industry but also to transcend industry lines through collaboration and shared risk.”

About WaterStart
WaterStart is a non-profit channel for innovation. The WaterStart community is a collective of globally recognized leaders adapting to change by scaling up new solutions to water challenges. To address the performance and sustainability imperatives driving water agencies and large consumers, WaterStart accelerates the deployment of innovative water technologies while significantly reducing the common risk and cost deterrents. WaterStart’s resource and knowledge-sharing platform allow companies to collaborate across multiple industries, further broadening the pool of available technologies and experiences to be leveraged.

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