QUT / Evolve Group

Evolve Group is Australia’s pre-eminent, multiple award-winning hardware accelerator and product commercialisation facility. Partnered with Queensland University of Technology which provides an enabling and extremely supportive environment for problem solving to help industry and society. QUT  actively engages to ensure the translation of the knowledge created into practical application and commercialisation.

Water Management Group Inc.

Water Management Group Inc. is a full service landscape irrigation consulting firm specializing in the planning, design and management of large scale landscape irrigation projects. Water Management Group has been in business since 1988 and focuses on the precise control of water consumption, applying a vertically water management process


SENTRY is a real-time bio-electrode sensor that allows for the monitoring of microbial metabolic activity in the anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment systems.

Orb Inc.

Orb’s mission is to deliver cost-effective diagnostics to facilitate resilient and sustainable water infrastructure and public health systems. Intelligent online sensors deliver a step-change technology in bacteria and virus detection, Orb’s technology allows true maintenance of biostability across any water system, in real-time.

Waterhound Futures

Waterhound is the interface of digital water with real water, helping to run plants more efficiently, save money and meet regulatory requirements.


The iVapps smart cartridge valve revolutionises the pipeline industry through the digitization of the pipeline networks and the connection to the (IIOT) Industrial internet of things. This enables the iVapps valve to deliver smart data technology allowing the user to measure temperature, flow, turbidity, pressure, PH levels, and detection of nanoparticles all from within the valve cartridge and can be fully integrated with customers’ individual sensor requirements. Providing a fast and flexible hardware solution to facilitate real-time monitoring and control of process flow.