Talkin’ Tech: Syrinix Intelligent Pipeline Monitoring

by Rebecca Shanahan
Wave Blue
Jul 14, 2020

Syrinix is an award-winning leader in providing intelligent pipeline monitoring solutions for clearer network insights. The company empowers utilities to make operational changes for long-term resilience, reducing costly interruptions to the network and extending the life of aging infrastructure to safeguard precious water resources.

Syrinix also happens to one of WaterStart’s success stories, among the first to take part in our Pilot Program in 2016, in partnership with the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

This month, we sat down with Syrinix’s Senior Vice President of Business Development, Bill Kelly to talk about his experiences in growing Syrinix from a startup to a leader of its kind. In this interview, Bill reflects upon his participation in the WaterStart program and provides some useful tips for emerging technology providers looking to breakthrough in today’s economy.

Full interview below:?

1. What inspired you to pursue this line of work?

I have always been interested in new technologies. If you look at the innovation adoption curve, I have always gravitated to the innovator and early adopter.? When I first was introduced to Syrinix, I was intrigued by the forward-thinking of managing transmission line leaks and pressure transients.? What is happening in the pipe was a big unknown.? Most of the work was being done with older technologies and complex algorithms. Syrinix was able to use technology to bridge this information gap.

2. What were some of the initial challenges in starting Syrinix?

Understanding how different markets work is difficult. We had to change our business mindset from a UK company to a US company.? Everything is different.? Banking, water regulations, certifications, procurement, and on and on.? WaterStart helped us navigate some of those obstacles.

3. How do you maintain your competitive edge in a crowded marketplace?

The Syrinix team deeply understands water networks. We present valuable, complex information about water and wastewater distribution network activity as it happens, using an intuitive and easy-to-use web platform.

4. Why did you apply to the WaterStart program?

When we applied to WaterStart, we wanted to be close to the people who are driving innovation into the water sector. Las Vegas was the ideal place to be.? The State of Nevada understood the importance of water resiliency.? Las Vegas?s declining source water has caused the local water utility to take more risk to look at emerging technologies.? We fit into the new technology category to help eliminate the water loss.

5. What was your experience deploying a pilot with a WaterStart member?

Las Vegas Valley Water District is one of the founding members of WaterStart. They understand the difficulties and time it takes to run a pilot.? Water startup companies would like pilots to be quick, conclusive, and have a positive outcome.? Water utilities want the pilot to take longer, more in-depth information on the product, and are agnostic to the outcome.? Water utilities want the pilot to be successful.? If they are not, then they are not committed forever with technology.

A successful pilot provides a greater opportunity to move from a pilot to making repeat sales, with many people interested in your pilot.? WaterStart members want to see the successful outcomes and water utilities want to make sure that they are supporting the project with the correct staff.? Syrinx stepped up their game and had a successful pilot.? We proved that high-resolution monitoring can identify transients that are not seen by low-resolution technologies.

This case study helped us grow our business.

6. How was participation helpful in cultivating your business??

Some of our first clients were members of the WaterStart program. Every time you get a new customer, you get a new set of challenges.? Learning and overcoming obstacles helps redefine your product offering.? Using this knowledge, we were able to grow our offerings and provide additional approaches to the market.? After successful pilots, other members are more willing to try your product too.

7. What advice would you give to emerging tech companies looking to get established in this economy?

Make sure your product meets a need. It has always been said, ?is your product neat or needed??.? If it is just neat, then the road to success will be much longer.? I would also remind them that it takes a long time to be successful in the water industry.? Guard your cash and treat your customers like gold.

8. What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the water industry today?

Opportunities are abound in the water industry. Water utilities need solutions to water resilience, water quality, comprehensive remote monitoring, and efficiencies.? The technologies today can fix the problems. The biggest challenge is the cost to fix the problems.? COVID 19 is going to amplify these challenges with lower budgets and continued asset failures.

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To learn more about Syrinix, please head to

If you are a WaterStart member, you will find a full case study on our Channels Pilot browser.

Our team would also be happy to facilitate introductions to the Syrinix team should you wish to explore their range of products and services.

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About Bill Kelly

Bill is a highly focused sales and business leader with 25 +years? experience in wastewater, and renewable energy sector across the USA.?

Currently, he is the Senior Vice President of Business Development at Syrinix Inc, a smart water solutions provider that helps extend the network life of water and wastewater systems through innovative hardware and software solutions.

In his previous role as Director of Client Engagement for SL Environmental Law Group, PC, he helped water systems, municipalities, and states in lawsuits to shift treatment costs from the ratepayer to polluter. Bill also served as the interim CEO and COO of Lucid Energy Inc., where he helped finish their first commercial hydroelectric project and right-size the business for future funding.? Also serving as the President of Isle Inc, Bill oversaw an independent technology and innovation consultancy in the United States.


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