Senate Highlight of Water Management Practices in Nevada

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WaterStart plays a role in delivering innovation to the efficient water use and management in Nevada.

In her address on Oct 30 at the Senate Energy Subcommittee on Water and Power, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto emphasised the need for forward thinking solutions to strengthen water security, particularly for arid climates such as Nevada. Sen. Cortez Masto raised the topic of the interdependency of water and energy, and called for improved efficiency in both power generation and water management practices. 

Mary Beth Sewald from Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce brought forward the invaluable role that innovation and technology are playing in the Southern Nevada business community for economic development, and also for ensuring long-term access to water in West US.

Southern Nevada has implemented a number of approaches to boost the water conservation efforts of its communities, with 99% of all indoor water waste being captured and reused. This includes strict codes on new homes and commercial buildings, public awareness campaigns, and the trial of innovative technologies. 

WaterStart is honoured to have contributed to the water conservation and management efforts in Southern Nevada to accelerate the adoption of innovative technology in the water sector. Since our founding in 2014, we have co-funded 27 pilot technology projects which directly addresses $30 million of critical challenges faced by water agencies and users.

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