Sandoval trade mission opens doors for business partnerships

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By Anthony J. Ruiz

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and a small delegation played the role of ?relationship broker? on a recent trade mission to the People?s Republic of China.

We are excited to hear that Gov. Sandoval returned from the trip with a potential opportunity for Nevada companies to do business in China. As the Associated Press reported:

  • Nevada?s learned to make things work in a dry and inhospitable climate, and its economic development office has recently been working to turn those hard lessons into lucrative business partnerships.
  • Chinese officials, who struggle with pollution issues that threaten the drinking water supply, were interested in the work of the Southern Nevada Water Authority. The authority uses leak detection technology that?s reduced leakage to 5 percent ? a figure that impressed Chinese officials who said they had trouble reaching a 15 percent leak rate.
  • ?That?s the kind of work Nevada companies would be well-positioned to provide them,? [Dale Erquaiga, the Governor?s Chief Strategy Officer] said.

This is a great outcome from Nevada?s international trade mission to China as it helps continue to raise the profile of the innovation underway in the Silver State.

In addition to these industry partnerships, it?s vitally important to strengthen our academic connections within the water world. Governor Sandoval returned from the trip with a signed agreement with the Jiangsu province to expand a student and faculty exchange program between the Desert Research Institute and HoHai University, the leading water research university in China.

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