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WaterStart requests proposals from water technology companies to solve immediate demands for innovation by our members. The deadline is December 31, 2018. If you are a company that is ready to prove their ability to scale-up by solving one of the priorities below, please apply!

Priorities include:

  • Water quality pressure management in distribution systems
  • Method for cleaning of water mains (trunk and reticulation) with limited impact on water quality
  • Sediment formation reduction in drinking water networks
  • Reducing the impact of surge/water hammer on the water network
  • Early notification of contaminants entering reservoirs/tanks
  • Prediction of trihalomethanes (THMs) concentration in drinking water supplies
  • Improving field crew training in real-time (including virtual and/or augmented reality techs)
  • Increasing water use efficiency in cooling towers
  • Alternatives to conventional evaporative cooling
  • Alternatives for and/or reduction of chemical use in cooling towers and domestic supply lines (often destructive to chillers and pumps)
  • Treatment processes for improving water quality in swimming pools, saunas, and other water features
  • Improving reliability and operation of drip irrigation systems
  • Non-invasive monitoring systems to detect water leaks in electrical rooms
  • Reduction of in-site disinfection byproduct formation for groundwater recharge applications (TTHMs)

Questions regarding this RFP can be emailed to admin@waterstart.com.

View the full RFP & Guidelines HERE.