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WaterStart RFP – Round 11

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1. Summary and Background

Through WaterStart and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED), the State of Nevada is promoting the state’s commitment to innovation in water technology. WaterStart and GOED announce Round 11 of a competitive matching grant process for water tech companies, with individual grants ranging from $25,000-

Through this RFP, WaterStart and GOED solicit timely, collaborative, and unique applications from water technology companies on how Nevada can advance water technology development in a variety of areas related to efficiencies or quality improvements in drinking and wastewater delivery. Please refer to the attached list of the specific technology priorities for which WaterStart is currently seeking solutions.

Grants made under this program are designed to leverage existing regional assets and support the implementation of water technology solutions for communities. WaterStart and GOED provide funding on a competitive basis to support economic development, foster job creation, and attract private investment in Nevada. Funds awarded may be used to support the following activities:

• testing and evaluation of new technologies
• demonstration projects
• technical support with research and development
• big data computing
• legal and regulatory assistance
• talent development
• marketing and networking
• pursuit of third-party funding opportunities

2. Confidentiality

WaterStart and GOED will, upon respondent’s written request, consider a respondent’s submittal, or any identified portion of a respondent’s submittal, confidential.

3. Proposal Guidelines

This Request for Information presents the requirements for Nevada’s interest in receiving offers and suggestions for advancing water technology development and management. Responses to this RFP must be received in electronic .pdf form no later than Noon (PDT), Aug. 31, 2018. Any responses received after this time and date will need to be re-submitted for consideration in future funding rounds. Responses must be emailed to Electronic acknowledgement receipt will be provided upon request at time of initial submittal. Proposal evaluations will be completed by Sept. 24, or soon after.

To be considered; any proposal or offer to WaterStart and GOED should describe, to the extent possible:

1. How did you learn of this opportunity?
2. Business Description /Model
3. Product/Market Fit (be specific as to which technology priority the proposal is addressing from the technology priority list)
4. Customers/Letters of Intent
5. Management Team Profile
6. Competitive Edge
7. Current Funds Raised
8. Proposed Activity
9. Specific Request for Support
10. Potential economic benefit to Nevada (no. of jobs created)

4. Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Narrative responses to this RFP must not exceed 3 pages in length (not including supplemental materials). Supplemental materials, if necessary, must not exceed an additional 5 pages in length. Criteria for judging applications will be based on the viability and demand for the technology, number of jobs created, commercialization revenue opportunity, technology transfer opportunities, and estimated value proposition (return-on-investment).

Questions regarding this RFP can be emailed to

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