RedEye Rolls Out Cloud-based Platform at SNWA Through WaterStart

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Through?WaterStart, based at the Las Vegas campus of the Desert Research Institute, Australia-based tech company?RedEye?has completed a project with the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) to implement RedEye?s cloud-based platform for management of engineering drawings and data?RedEyeDMS?with the goal of driving productivity and efficiency into its projects and operations.

RedEyeDMS?helps SNWA securely store and manage its as-built drawings and engineering plans. Furthermore, the company?s collaborative, cloud-based mobility solution provides SNWA mobile access to these critical infrastructure plans from anywhere in the valley, allowing engineering records to be efficiently reviewed and updated in real-time.

?Water infrastructure management is essential to ensuring safe and reliable water delivery,? said SNWA General Manager John Entsminger. ?With approximately 200,000 sets of engineering and construction plans?detailing our valley?s 6,500 miles of water transmission and delivery pipelines as well as reservoirs, pumping stations and treatment facilities?introducing this technological solution provides our engineers and field crews secure access to the engineering records they utilize daily.?

Based in Queensland, RedEye is one of Australia?s fastest-growing tech companies. In January 2017, it opened its North American headquarters in Nevada with the help of WaterStart.

?RedEye is a great example of the strong strategic partnerships that have been formed through WaterStart?s efforts to implement new technologies that help address today?s biggest water challenges,? said WaterStart Executive Director Nate Allen. ?Utilizing the state?s water innovation resources and services, RedEye?s expansion to Nevada has helped to provide a solution to a major pain point water utilities are facing in their operations.?

The roll-out of RedEyeDMS within SNWA showcases various benefits including:

  • Providing fast, secure access to accurate engineering information, which helps improve organizational efficiencies and project coordination.
  • Reducing costs by mitigating project delays and overruns through streamlined engineering records management processes.
  • Managing record drawings to eliminate duplications and ensure the most current versions are securely updated, accessible and utilized.
  • Ability to update as-built records and infrastructure information through RedEyeDMS? auditability function, which provides complete transparency of all actions performed in the system.

?We are really proud to have completed the implementation project with SNWA. We migrated a large amount of data as part of the project and were able to identify and remove over 100 thousand of duplicated files, which will help SNWA create and maintain a single source of truth for all drawings managed in RedEyeDMS,? said RedEye North America GM Roman Galikov. ?With around 300 users and 12 other applications integrated with RedEyeDMS, users can access and start working with the latest versions of engineering drawings anywhere on any device. We are looking forward to working with SNWA beyond the project in line with our Customer Success plan to ensure that the organization maximizes its return on investment.?

RedEye is the first fully cloud-based and purpose-built engineering platform for asset owners and global service providers. Its technology aims to help clients improve the way they upload and manage their engineering data across the entire engineering and asset management life cycle.

Learn more about the RedEyeDMS solution?here.

About WaterStart
WaterStart is a cluster of global leaders in the implementation of water innovation. Based on the Las Vegas campus of the Desert Research Institute, WaterStart leverages the strategic resources and expertise of its network to evaluate and demonstrate the performance of water innovation. As a channel for innovation, WaterStart accelerates the rate of adoption of new solutions to real challenges facing water management agencies and large consumers.

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About RedEye
RedEye is a disruptive tech business, and the first software business to make engineering data truly mobile. Established in Brisbane in 2012 by Wayne Gerard and Randall Makin, RedEye is one of Australia?s fastest growing tech companies with an expanding global footprint.

RedEye?s Cloud-based solutions help asset owners and their service providers improve their productivity and safety, while reducing business risks and costs. With a mission to reinvent the way people work, the company has pioneered a new product category, globally, in Cloud and mobile Engineering Data Management for Asset Owners. RedEye?s solutions are built by the industry, for the industry.

In 2016, RedEye launched its work management solution, RedEyeWFM, which is transforming the way large industrial companies work with their technical contractors and maintenance providers.

The RedEye team are passionate contributors to the development of the startup community, helping to drive world leading innovation and a diverse workforce culture that disrupts and transforms traditional industries.

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About Southern Nevada Water Authority
The Southern Nevada Water Authority is a regional entity that manages water conservation, water quality and water resource issues for Southern Nevada. Its members include: the Las Vegas Valley Water District; the cities of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City; the Big Bend Water District (Laughlin); and the Clark County Water Reclamation District.


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