Queensland Watertech Solutions Heading to USA

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WaterStart helps watertech companies to scale up from Queensland to Nevada

Advanced water disinfection technology, contract risk mitigation software and predictive flood mapping – these are the three innovative solutions taking a leap from Australia to the United States in the Water-Tech Connection Exchange Program. 

Welcome to the program participants of 2019:

It will be a busy week ahead for Elena Gosse, CEO of AIS, Megan Avard, Founder and CEO of SurePact, and Juliette Murphy, Co-Founder and CEO of Floodmapp. They will be flying to Las Vegas, Nevada to participate in WaterStart?s industry exclusive Channels for Innovation Summit and a water treatment facility tour. The program will allow our innovators to meet with major water agencies and users from WaterStart?s global network, showcase their innovative technology, and develop opportunities to scale their solutions into the US.

?There were a number of exciting technology solutions we evaluated during the application process,? said Kevin Fisher, Chief Technology Advisor of WaterStart. ?Queensland has developed a strong ecosystem for startups to get the resources and mentorship needed to commercialize, secure funding and grow their business. We could see a strong mix of established businesses as well as products in a growth phase. This shows a great future ahead for innovation companies to engineer the solutions we need in the water industry to safeguard this precious resource.?

The three companies have already been making a splash in Australia, pushing the boundaries of their respective markets to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions.?

This initiative from WaterStart puts Queensland technology companies on the global stage and fuels opportunity for economic development in the water sector of both regions. 

About our three innovative solutions:

Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) Water 

Australian owned and operated Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) is well known for its excellence in the design, production and supply of inline chlorine generation and water disinfection technology for commercial and residential pools.? AIS and its CEO Elena Gosse, have won numerous national and international awards for business excellence and innovation. AIS is considered a leader in its field. For more information, visit www.aiswater.com.au.


SurePact is an innovative cloud-based enterprise SaaS solution that allows project and contract managers to identify, mitigate and manage risks of deliveries from before early innovation, to the tender stage right through to closeout. SurePact is now used and trusted by both government and corporate organisations for mitigating contract and project risks on a day-to-day basis. For more information, visit www.surepact.com.


FloodMapp develops proprietary technology using real-time data for rapid predictive flood modelling to provide a visual, interactive view of flood extent risk, and deliver location specific flood warnings. This technology simulates flooding as an event approaches, producing flood inundation predictions; providing stakeholders with a solution that will improve safety and prevent damage. For more information, visit www.floodmapp.com.

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