Lessons-Learned Digital Platform

WaterStart member is looking for an intuitive solution for the capture of internal operational insights. The ideal platform should be quick and easy to use, accessible for any device at any time with low administrative requirements. Sought platform should be customizable allowing operators to add data fields such as title, description, category, date, etc., with an ability to share visual content.

The ideal platform should empower user collaboration and engagement, including functions such as searching, ratings, comments, and email integration. Analytical tools are also desired to draw insightful data across the business. Please note, our members will consider existing platforms with proven use-cases only.

🇬🇧 Please note: This is a UK-based priority. It is open to domestic & international applicants.


Smart water monitoring for drinking and wastewater networks using through an existing Suez radio network

WaterStart member is seeking data loggers and monitoring or measuring devices that are suitable for connection to or within a water and sewer network that communicate via the Suez 169Mhz radio network.  Such devices could include pressure, flow, level, pH, conductivity devices, or data loggers that allow for the connection of agnostic, ancillary inputs.

Devices should be suitable for remote deployment and should operate so as to maximize battery life and/or communication frequency and data transfer. Devices should be compliant with Australian communication standards.

Immersive Digital Technologies

Our member is seeking innovative technologies to allow operators, planners, and engineers to interface with SCADA and asset data in a virtual setting. Using this technology, the member wishes to have the ability to interact with assets, extract information, and visualize operational changes. As an example, this system would allow an operator to interact with a pumping station in a virtual 3D environment; ie. pump data, water flow and the consequences of asset failure could be experienced. Solutions can be AR/VR, holographic, or other. At a minimum, the solution should be completed and/or qualified through prior demonstration (commercial ready).

Utilizing the Itron AMI transmission pathways, gather distribution system data such as Valve Indication, pressure sensors at fire hydrants, water temperature.

Equip a sub-section of Itron endpoints with pressure and temperature sensors (for example at every elementary school) to “take the pulse” of the water distribution system. Alarms would come back for areas that deviated from expectations. An additional improvement would be to equip critical valves with “tamper devices” that would be triggered if the valve was removed.

Provide an easier/more direct understanding of pump efficiency and energy cost in real-time and use that data to select pumps.

Determining pump efficiency is a tedious task that is manually only done once per year at best. Our Member is seeking a solution to determine pump efficiency (and/or pump curve calibration) using existing Scada or IoT data, directly returning real-time efficiency information for each pump. The solution will integrate a method of selecting the most efficient pumps, but also rotating through less efficient pumps on a prescribed basis for maintenance. Best pumping combinations will also be evaluated to include efficiency, energy tariffs, and maintenance.

Provide a module that will automate maintenance schedules

Current practice for most preventative maintenance (PM) is structured around a calendar instead of data. Our member is seeking an automate preventative maintenance schedules based on SCADA data, IoT and other field instrumentation.