Rapid microbiological identification

Our member is seeking a solution that would allow users to extract microbiology test results more efficiently and rapidly compared with traditional culture-plate methods.

On-line E. coli analyser

Our member is seeking a solution that would allow users to get E. coli results faster compared with traditional culture-plate methods.

Automated event-based sampling

Event monitoring and event sampling are indispensable tools to get detailed information about parameters of a water source, storage dynamics and runoff characteristics. Conventional microbiological water analysis is based on manually taken samples, subsequent transport to a specialized lab environment and analysis within a certain period of time. However, due to the high logistic efforts, sampling intervals are usually rather long and can hardly give realistic information about the temporal dynamics of the respective microbial water quality. Our members are seeking technology to allow for automated, event-based water sampling.

Removal of Nitrogen and Phosphorus from Storm Water Drainage

Most of the storm water that drains into the Truckee Meadows municipal storm drain system is conveyed untreated to the receiving waters of the Truckee River, and to three playas in unincorporated Washoe County. Nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in the river have historically caused excessive plant and algal growth, which depletes oxygen when the plants die and decay. Our members seek practical and implementable solutions for the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus.

Real-time water chemistry monitoring

Increasingly, the USGS, in cooperation with other Federal, Tribal, State, and local agencies and non-governmental organizations, has been using innovative real-time monitoring approaches to allow for continuous and immediate water-quality information available in real-time. These in-stream measurements also are used as surrogates for many other constituents in water including, sediment, indicator bacteria and nutrients. Our members seek technology for real-time water chemistry monitoring.