Low-cost, system wide, leak detection for regulatory compliance.

WaterStart member is seeking cost-effective and cost-competitive technologies for leak detection in the water network. Solution must be capable of surveying the entire system (mains and service lines) per the upcoming California Water Loss Performance Standards regulation.

Solution must be in the cost range of $500,000 every 3 years over the entire system, which consists of approximately 1,000 miles of pipe within a 50 square mile area. Would also consider less cost-effective solutions in limited application that could be used in conjunction with the manual approaches of walking/listening if it reduced the number of manhours and miles being monitored. AMI meters are 100% Sensus.

Lessons-Learned Digital Platform

WaterStart member is looking for an intuitive solution for the capture of internal operational insights. The ideal platform should be quick and easy to use, accessible for any device at any time with low administrative requirements. Sought platform should be customizable allowing operators to add data fields such as title, description, category, date, etc., with an ability to share visual content.

The ideal platform should empower user collaboration and engagement, including functions such as searching, ratings, comments, and email integration. Analytical tools are also desired to draw insightful data across the business. Please note, our members will consider existing platforms with proven use-cases only.

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Please note: This is a UK-based priority. It is open to domestic & international applicants.


Anti-Theft of Backflow Prevention Device

WaterStart member is seeking a solution to assist with the security and tracking of backflow prevention devices installed across the member drinking water network. To investigate and mitigate future theft incidences, the member seeks a simple and cost-effective retrofitted solution for the GPS tracking of backflow units.

Units deployed are Backflow Prevention Devices (3/4” – 2”), constructed of brass. Sought technology must be small and inconspicuous for deployment. The ideal solution will also require a long battery life. While immediate knowledge of the loss is not required, it would be highly beneficial.

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Please note: This is a US-based priority. It is open to domestic & international applicants.

Extension of radio frequency coverage in tunnel environment

WaterStart member is seeking a temporary mobile application to allow and/or extend radio frequency coverage into tunnels. The ideal device must be sturdy and explosive proof (i.e., cannot provide ignition energy to ignite an explosive gas environment) and communicate from subsurface structures composed of a variety of materials.

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Please note: This is US-based priority. It is open to domestic & international applicants.

Drone Data Management

WaterStart member has identified the need for a data management and interface solution to enhance the ability of staff in identifying, accessing and simple visualization of drone data (e.g., UAV, AUV, ROV). The ideal systems should facilitate a centralized approach for the storage and management of video, image, point clouds and DEMs from catchment and asset monitoring projects. It is the expectation that the solution utilizes standardized data attributes (metadata) and be fully future proof with the potential to feed into geospatial and related systems (e.g., ArcGIS).

πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί Please note: This is Australian-based priority. It is open to domestic & international applicants.

Remote control and actuation of water distribution line valves (line/sluice/butterfly)

WaterStart member is seeking a solution to remotely control and actuate buried line valves, sluice valves and/or butterfly valves. The ideal solution would retrofit actuators to the existing valve body and framework/chamber.

The actuator should allow us a high level of control to percentage open/closed and operate in a transient calm manor. The system to be powered by solar and/or battery. Communications with the valve to allow commands and valve status to be sent and received to be via a wireless connection protocol (4G/5G/LoRaWAN etc.) into data platform or SCADA integration.

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Please note: This is a UK-based priority. It is open to domestic & international applicants.