Smart Air Valves for Rising Mains

by Kim Fridman
Wave Blue
Apr 10, 2022

WaterStart member manages a significant number of rising main air valves and currently does not have a sustainable way of maintaining them and/or understanding their operational performance. Currently, the only way to know if the asset is working correctly is through Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) schedules or reports of failure. For this reason, our member is seeking a smart solution for the monitoring operation and performance in Rising mains.

The ideal solution may be retrofittable or valve replacement, capable of generating alerts in the event of valve failure. Solution should be cost-effective in order to be deployed at a large scale. Please note, sites of interest do not have power or telecommunications.

🇬🇧 Please note: This is a UK-based priority. It is open to domestic & international applicants.

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