Channels Podcast Episode 5 – Henrick Laursen, CEO of AMI Global

by Josh Prigge
Wave Blue
Oct 02, 2019

Henrick Laursen is the CEO of AMI Global, an international communications and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) company. Henrick was appointed CEO in 2017 to lead the company during its next phase of growth with a specialized focus on international commercialization and business development efforts for AMI’s IIoT connectivity solutions.

Henrick is a proven executive and global business development professional with experience in customized systems for large industrial manufacturers and has over 15 years of industrial expertise working for flow technology sectors in Europe and North America. As the former CEO for LiqTech Systems, Henrick oversaw project sales and execution, engineering and production, and partner activities across oil & gas, mining, municipal drinking water, power plant, marine scrubbers, and commercial pool markets. Mr. Laursen has also held global business development roles at Grundfos, one of the largest pump manufacturers in the world.

About AMI Global: AMI Global is a provider of end-to-end IIoT solutions with locations in the United States and Israel. AMI engineers affordable and secure IIoT solutions for industrial machinery allowing customers to connect remote industrial assets and equipment to the Internet for data collection, predictive analysis, and asset control. AMI has an existing customer base of Fortune 500 clients and global industrial systems and equipment manufacturers.

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