Channels for Innovation Podcast Episode 4 – Nick Shewring, General Manager of WaterStart Australia

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After working as a startup founder for nearly 15 years, Shewring joins the WaterStart Australia team to further water innovation efforts and help attract more international technology companies to Queensland by working with major water utilities and water consumers across the state.

WaterStart Australia was created as a result of the Queensland Government and Nevada (U.S.) becoming Sister States in early 2018, committing to work collaborative across key industries and opportunities including advancement in water technology. That same year, in May 2018, Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) became WaterStart?s first international member.

Shrewing is currently also the founder and CEO of The ikiFounder Network, which provides mentorship and financial support to venture founders. His previous experience includes serving as Co-founder and CIO of BizDojo, Co-founder and CEO of Colo, and Head of Mobile Technology Innovation for Air New Zealand. 

Nick joins the Channels for Innovation Podcast to discuss:

  • Collaboration between large water utilities and small councils in Queensland, Australia.
  • Water situation in Queensland, Australia
  • The development of the first international branch of WaterStart
  • The benefits to the water sector and water technology industry of bridging Nevada and Australia.
  • How water technology companies can scale after successful pilots

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