One Drop Expands Las Vegas Footprint with Innovative Community Initiatives

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Vowing to make a major splash in 2018,?ONE DROP??has set its sights on a new set of Las Vegas charitable endeavors by partnering with WaterStart and DISCOVERY Children?s Museum on projects to further its mission of educating the local community on safe water access and ongoing water innovations. After donating more than $1 million to aid in the creation and launch of the Springs Preserve WaterWorks attraction in September 2017, ONE DROP will continue its philanthropic crusades in the Las Vegas community through two new initiatives.Beginning in 2018, ONE DROP will partner with?WaterStart, a cluster of global leaders in the implementation of water technology to create a new web-based knowledge platform. Outlining specific findings related to innovation priorities and the results of pilot projects, this tool will serve as a network for global communities to assist in pinpointing next steps for water conservation and sustainability. With the goal of becoming an international hub for technology companies working to address today?s water challenges, WaterStart?based in the Las Vegas campus of the Desert Research Institute?provides a channel for innovation as it leverages the state?s resources, expertise and services.

Additionally, ONE DROP will support?DISCOVERY Children?s Museum, located in downtown Las Vegas, to develop several water-themed displays including a Water World Presentation for fourth grade students (ages nine ? 10) and a Water Conservation ? Discovery on Wheels display for fifth grade students (ages 10 ? 11).? Art Nomad students from?Cirque du Monde,?Cirque du Soleil?s?social circus program, will participate in this activity to actively synergize several organizations under the?Cirque du Soleil?umbrella.

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One Drop is an international foundation created in 2007 by Cirque du Soleil?s founder Guy Lalibert?. At the core of our mission is access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene as a transformative force to improve the living conditions of some of the world?s most vulnerable communities. With the objective of delivering long-term impact and sustainability, we bring into all of our projects a unique?Social Art for Behavior Change?approach that aims at engaging communities in taking ownership and embracing adequate behaviors towards water, sanitation and hygiene. This year, One Drop is celebrating 10 years of bringing sustainable access to safe water to people around the world with projects in 11 countries that will reach over 1 million beneficiaries.

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