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LVVWD Organizational Governance:

  • LVVWD is a not-for-profit, political subdivision of the state
  • Began service in 1954.
  • Governed by a Board of Directors represented by the Clark County Commission.

Business Profile:

  • LVVWD is the operating agent of SNWA
  • LVVWD serves ~375,000 customer accounts across 300 square miles, including the City of Las Vegas, unincorporated Clark County, Blue Diamond, Coyote Springs, Jean, Kyle Canyon, Laughlin (Big Bend Water District), and Searchlight.
  • The LVVWD provides water service to 1.5 million residence and 40 million annual visitors.

  • Non Profit
  • LVVWD: Retail water agency providing municipal water delivery
  • All indoor water use is reclaimed and recycled back to Lake Mead, used for golf course irrigation and/or power production.

  • Groundwater applications and permitted rights from various basins throughout NV (LVVWD has ~41,000 afy in Las Vegas Valley)
  • LVVWD maintains 79 basins and tanks that hold nearly a billion gallons of water
  • LVVWD maintains 53 pumping stations that can move 1 million gallons/minute
  • LVVWD maintains 6,500 miles of transmission and distribution lines
  • LVVWD maintains 76 production wells and 26 recharge wells producing more than 200 mgd
  • All facility and service connections are metered. The LVVWD maintains more than 400,000 water meters.
  • LVVWD owns and operates the Springs Preserve a 180-acre museum complex and nature preserve that promotes conservation and stewardship of cultural and environmental resources

  • Treatment of water drawn from Lake Mead: disinfection using ozone, aeration for odor control, flocculation using a multi-layered filter composed of anthracite coal, silica, sand, and garnet sand, chlorine is added as it leaves the system
  • Treatment of water drawn from ground: only treated with chlorine as it enters the distribution system
  • LVVWD bills customers monthly based on water consumption.

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