Klir Announces Opening of Global HQ in Nevada

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Multi-year deals with across USA, Canada and Australia see Klir’s cloud-based assurance management platform become the new standard for delivering safe, secure water in the face of an industry wide crisis

Klir, the world’s leading total water assurance platform for all water authorities has announced the opening of their global headquarters in Nevada following a $3.1m growth round with industry leading enterprise vertical VC’s like Bowery, Spider Capital and SaaS Ventures. The funding will go towards expanding the entirely remote team in Nevada and beyond to keep up with customer demand.

The platform is the first to act as a central and automated hub to reduce the burden of administration and compliance which accounts for over 60% of all labor effort in a water authority. The escalating water crises coupled with increasing financial constraints is a major contributor in the industry turning to technology like Klir for help. With a single web-based platform, built exclusively for water, sitting complimentary to their core systems, the technology allows for almost immediate implementation with minimal training. This in turn adds immediate value by freeing up precious expertise and otherwise constrained time to address the greatest challenges facing the communities and economies that these water authorities serve.

Customer confidence is crucial to the ongoing success of a water authority’s mission and, with Klir protecting this customer trust by making sure all the necessary paperwork and tasks are not missed, water authorities are recognizing the value of operating free from worry. This sentiment was echoed by David Johnson, Deputy General Manager of Engineering and Operations of the Southern Nevada Water Authority,

“Klir is unlike any technology we have seen on the market before, and their deep rooted knowledge and experience helps us remain compliant in the regulatory environment as we manage diverse permitting processes. The consistent treatment and delivery of high-quality water is critical to our community and our economy, and software like Klir helps us to do that effectively and efficiently.” 

David Lynch, CEO at Klir said “Water is now recognized as the number one global challenge facing species. The good news is that the people tackling this issue are some of the most incredibly talented scientists, engineers and professionals the world has to offer. Klir will play a critical role in enabling these dedicated professionals solve this problem for generations to come. We are extremely excited to expand our team in Nevada which has demonstrated time and again to be the home of water innovation.” 

In parallel with the announcement of their global HQ in Nevada, Klir have signed five new enterprise customers designating Klir as the complete system of record for their authorities. The new multi-year contracts span across the US & Canada as well as Queensland authority (Australia) which results in Klir being used to make water safer and more secure for almost 20 million people worldwide.

“WaterStart is really proud of Klir and its growth since first going through our program in 2018” said Nathan Allen, Executive Director of WaterStart. Klir received its first opportunity in the U.S. through a project co-funded between Nevada’s Knowledge Fund and the Southern Nevada Water Authority. “We’re really excited to see Klir reinvesting in Nevada and continuing to partner with our members across the United States and Australia.”

Karsten Heise, Director of Strategic Programs at the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development also adds “WaterStart represents a major Knowledge Fund success story also on an international level as the location of Klir in Nevada demonstrates. WaterStart has played a crucial role in providing solutions to Nevada’s water challenges by sourcing technologies world-wide and bringing them to our state for validation through projects with local partners.  In addition, WaterStart has been accelerating the growth of technology ecosystems by successfully and systematically attracting global water-tech business to our state. WaterStart therefore forms a key element in GOED’s Innovation Based Economic Development strategy.”


About Klir

Klir is an end-to-end water assurance management solution built specifically and exclusively for the water sector. Klir increases customer confidence through helping water providers achieve zero violations. Any Klir module can be implemented in as little as 48 hours in a single integrated platform from one vendor. With a modular approach, you only buy what you need.

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