Ionex SG Partners With Nevada?s WaterStart

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DAVIS, Calif. and LAS VEGAS, NV ? July 7, 2016?? In its first expansion outside California,?Ionex SG, (Ionex) today announced a strategic collaboration with?WaterStart?of Nevada. Under the terms of the partnership, Ionex will establish an innovation beachhead in Las Vegas to further develop the control and communications software technology that differentiates its ion exchange water treatment technology. The investment is a core component of Ionex?s localization strategy which also includes sourcing essential parts and services from the communities where its systems are deployed.WaterStart is Nevada?s catalyst for inventive technologies that optimize the use and preservation of the State?s water resources. Ionex supplies differentiated ion exchange technology that treats drinking water for contaminants like nitrates, hexavalent chromium, perchlorate and uranium. The UK-based company?s breakthrough process removes the contaminants, with near-zero hazardous waste, and at operating costs that are the lowest in the industry. Ionex products are already well positioned in multi-size configurations at diverse water districts across Calif., as well as the UK.?For several years now, our technology has been helping water authorities in California optimize their drinking water resources and minimize hazardous waste, during a historic drought. Now, we?re ready to bring the same advantages to communities in neighboring Nevada,? said Phil Chandler, Ionex?s CEO.? ?Partnering with WaterStart is an excellent entry point. The organization?s dedication to promoting a water ecosystem shaped to address 21st century resource realities, is drawing cutting-edge technologies, inspiring rich collaborations, and encouraging vital cross-industry dialogue. At the same time, it?s attracting investment from innovators like Ionex, and creating jobs. It?s a very practical model with win-win advantages for the State and the technology leaders it aims to attract.?

?The State of Nevada doesn?t gamble with its water resources,? said Nathan Allen, Executive Director for WaterStart. ?Ionex entering our market will help us continue to manage our water resources responsibly, securing the region?s most precious resource and enabling long-term economic growth.?

Chandler credited UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) for forging the connection with WaterStart. ?UKTI?s charter is to connect UK innovators with local partners who will benefit from UK innovation. That?s certainly the case here. We?re looking forward to leveraging WaterStart?s network to speed adoption of our technology, and make high-quality drinking water available to Nevada communities at a very low cost and with a small environmental footprint.?

The Ionex systems use a Strong Base Anion (SBA) resin to capture contaminants in a proprietary process that reduces waste-disposal volume and operational costs to one-tenth that of traditional ion exchange systems. This dramatic improvement in decontamination efficiency and cost provides significant benefits to state and local agencies?especially those in drought-prone or arid regions?tasked with managing the quality and availability of drinking water.

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