Anglian Water pilots Nordic scaleup InfoTiles to enhance the wastewater network operations

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Huntington, 4 August 2022 – WaterStart, in partnership with Anglian Water, is excited to announce a new pilot project with Norwegian data experts, InfoTiles. In this 12-month pilot, Infotiles will apply their innovative Digital Water platform to revolutionise Anglian Water’s proactive maintenance program within its Water Recycling Centres.

Deployed through WaterStart’s  unique Pilot Program, the collaboration between Anglian Water and InfoTiles will use analytics to aggregate and visualise data in real-time. Machine learning and AI is applied to continually assess asset health and effectiveness, with the ability to anticipate and resolve potential problems before they could lead to critical failure. The aim of the collaboration is to enhance operational visibility to lead to more informed decision making, and prioritise maintenance of valuable assets. The water company will initially pilot the new technology at 15 selected Water Recycling Centres with an additional 15 sites monitoring sludge blankets to demonstrate the value of the Infotiles solution. 

Adam Jessop, Optimisation Technologist at Anglian Water, said “We’re so proud to be involved this pilot programme which will transform the way we do things at our wastewater sites. Collaborating with international companies through Waterstart has helped us to work at pace to find solutions and ways to improve the service we can provide.” 

“InfoTiles has proven their technology works in the Nordics. WaterStart is thrilled to support their expansion into the UK market through our collaboration with Anglian Water. Effective data management is certainly a global challenge for water utilities; therefore, we are excited to see the outcomes of the pilot as we expect the technology will be broadly scalable among our global membership base”, said Nathan Allen, Executive Director of WaterStart. 

Adam Wood, Chief Product Officer for InfoTiles said: “Our Nordic customers use InfoTiles to guide their maintenance decisions with real-time data. Our team is enthusiastic to collaborate with the technicians and analysts at Anglian Water to tailor the InfoTiles platform to enable better, data-driven maintenance at Anglian Water.” 

About InfoTiles
InfoTiles’ innovative platform spans the water value chain, simplifying and automating the tedious steps of consolidating data and applying real-time analytics and machine learning for water management. Learn more about InfoTiles Digital Water Solutions. 

About Anglian Water
Anglian Water supplies drinking water to 4.3 million customers across the East of England and collects and treats used water from over 6 million people. We operate within the largest geographical region of England and Wales.  

Water is our business. It’s our job to handle it with care and balance the needs of our customers with those of the environment around us.  

Our ethos is ‘Love Every Drop’, because it’s what we do. Every drop of water is precious, and we believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to look after it. We’re constantly discovering new ways to keep ahead of a changing world, by planning for the future, and exploring new ideas to meet our customers’ individual needs today and tomorrow. Learn more about Anglian Water.

About WaterStart
WaterStart is a cluster of global leaders in the implementation of water innovation. Based in Las Vegas, WaterStart leverages the strategic resources and expertise of its network to evaluate and demonstrate the performance of water innovation. As a channel for innovation, WaterStart accelerates the rate of adoption of new solutions to real challenges facing water management agencies and large consumers. Learn more about WaterStart

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