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WaterStart is partnering with global member Urban Utilities and technology provider HindSite Industries to rapidly deploy the HindSite Industries Remote Assessment, Digital Workflow and Knowledge Management Platform to support essential maintenance, responsive works, and training.

Urban Utilities is piloting the wearable software technology, developed by Hindsite Industries, to support maintenance and responsive works on several of its water and wastewater assets across South East Queensland.

“The technology involves purpose-built software used on hands-free and voice-activated devices, empowering crews in the field to continue working while they receive advice or support from remote operators or specialists who can see and hear everything that’s happening on the ground in real time,” Urban Utilities innovation lead Senthil Kumar said.

Hindsite Industries’ CEO, Mr Doug Hastings said videos and micro-learnings can also be easily captured, and utilised later for development, including training to onboard or upskill new staff through purpose-built digital workflows.

“The ongoing training and knowledge management opportunities are immense, and we are very proud to pilot this technology with Urban Utilities as a global innovator and, as a result, be a part of the WaterStart technology family,” Mr Hastings said.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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