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In order to further its mission of creating an innovation cluster in the state of Nevada, WaterStart maintains a list of open positions through its network of partners. If you would like to make a request to post a position or need more information, please email


Based in the UK, Riventa developed an application for thermodynamic pump performance monitoring in the drinking and wastewater sectors. After a successful small-scale test, Riventa will be conducting permanent real-time monitoring and regular inspections of Southern Nevada Water Authority pumps to measure performance and efficiency, ultimately reducing costs of routine pump inspections, improving pump efficiencies, and reducing energy costs for pumping.

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WaterStart is a cluster of global leaders in the implementation of water technology. As a not-for-profit, WaterStart operates in a region of proven first adopters, sitting at the nexus of technology, research, and economic development. We provide channels for innovation for various stakeholders and water resource managers including technology companies, management agencies, and policy makers.

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