Abyss Solutions Pilots Underwater Robot at Lake Mead Through WaterStart & SNWA

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LAS VEGAS???Through?WaterStart, Australian infrastructure inspections and management company?Abyss Solutions?is piloting its high-fidelity imaging underwater, remotely operated vehicle at Lake Mead in partnership with the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA), to inspect the condition of the regional water agency?s existing water infrastructure within the lake. As part of this project, Abyss Solutions is also conducting a condition assessment of an SNWA reservoir facility through 3D modeling.

?The high-resolution data acquired by this technology will allow us to efficiently and safely assess the condition of water facilities that are either submerged in Lake Mead or ? in the case of reservoir facilities ? contain millions of gallons of water to ensure our community?s water system remains one of the most reliable in the county,? said David Johnson, SNWA Deputy General Manager of Engineering and Operations.

The data will also help affirm the effectiveness of SNWA?s efforts to control quagga mussels in the agency?s raw water intake system in the lake and help to evaluate the efficiency of water treatment and disinfection processes.

WaterStart, housed in the Las Vegas campus of the Desert Research Institute, helped to bring Abyss to Nevada.

?The value of the Abyss technology was immediately apparent from the pilot,? said WaterStart Executive Director Nate Allen. ?By combining machine learning, robotics and optics, Abyss is providing a detailed and innovative process for water utilities to more effectively inspect, monitor and survey underwater infrastructure.?

Abyss? solution provides high-quality visual information of water related assets such as dams, bridges, reservoirs waterways, pipelines and offshore structures. Its precise digitalization of assets enables change detection over time using both acoustic and visual data. Abyss uses robotics and unique machine learning algorithms to automatically identify and classify faults and features, significantly increasing the speed and accuracy of condition assessments.

?Abyss Solutions is exited to be working with SNWA and WaterStart to bring its unique technology to the US after success in Australia,??said Abyss Solutions Director and CCO Masood Naqshbandi.??We believe our digital approach to asset management and inspection will help utilities understand the condition of their assets, better allowing them to make more informed decisions on budget planning, maintenance prioritization and avoiding unexpected failures. At the same time our machine learning algorithms will make this process much faster, accurate and consistent while allowing work to be done cost-effectively at large scale.?

To learn more about Abyss Solutions, visit?abysssolutions.co.

See videos of Abyss Solutions? technology and the pilot at Lake Mead here:?LINK

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