New partnership will expand U.S.-based research activities and business opportunities for GreenVision Systems, Ltd. through Nevada Center of Excellence

LAS VEGAS – On the first day of the 2014 Singapore International Water Week delegates from the Nevada Center of Excellence (COE) formalized an agreement with Israel-based GreenVision Systems, Ltd. that will significantly expand the company’s U.S.-based activities.

GreenVision Systems, Ltd. (GVS), established in 1996 and based in Tel-Aviv, develops, manufactures and markets advanced Hyper-Spectral Imaging (HSI) solutions (including hardware and software) for environmental monitoring, water resources security and control, and contaminate and pollutant identification. GVS has more than 15 worldwide technological advisors and professional experts in pollution monitoring and bio-agents detection and classification.

“The guidance and experience provided by the Nevada Center of Excellence stakeholders – such as the Desert Research Institute and Southern Nevada Water Authority – is critical as GVS pursues entrance into new US markets,” said Danny Moshe, founder and CEO of GVS. “Their depth of understanding of the water industry and experience with the application of new technologies is unmatched.”

GVS’ proprietary technology can analyze and diagnose various types of microscopic and macroscopic compounds and the chemical composition of particles in the air (such as bio-agents and particulate matter) or in a substance (such as water, soil, plants or food products) in near-real time without any direct impact on the source.

As part of the new mutual cooperation Nevada COE directors representing government, higher education and business in Nevada will assist GVS with furthering its commercial research activities in the United States, such as introducing the advanced Hyper-Spectral Imaging applications to local municipalities and testing in urban environments.

“This is exactly why we chose to attend Singapore International Water Week,” said Ken Ladd, interim director of the Nevada COE. “Engaging and supporting companies like GVS is why the Nevada COE was created.”

Representing the Nevada Center of Excellence at the 2014 Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) is an elite delegation of Nevada’s business, higher education and governmental leaders including Patricia Mulroy, Senior Fellow for Climate Adaptation and Environmental Policy at University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ Brookings Mountain West and Maki Distinguished Faculty Associate with Nevada’s Desert Research Institute; Dr. Stephen G. Wells, President of the Desert Research Institute; Tom Skancke, President and CEO of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance; and David Johnson, Deputy General Manager for Engineering and Operations for the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

To schedule a meeting with the Nevada Center of Excellence delegation attending SIWW 2014 please contact Nevada COE Media Contact - Justin Broglio at (01-775-762-8320)

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Nathan Allen

Las Vegas, Nevada