Nevada Center of Excellence Joins SWAN, the Smart Water Networks Forum

LAS VEGAS – The Nevada Center of Excellence (COE) has added its voice to the robust dialog and research underway at SWAN, the Smart Water Networks Forum.

SWAN, a not-for-profit membership organization, is the leading industry forum in the smart water space, bringing together the key voices across the water sector – water utilities, technology companies, academics and research institutes, investors and industry experts.  SWAN members create dialog, actionable tools and research to support utilities as they adopt data-driven technologies to make their water networks more sustainable and efficient and protect our most precious resource: water.

“The Nevada COE is extremely pleased about becoming a part of SWAN, the Smart Water Networks Forum,” said Ken Ladd who serves as the Nevada COE Interim Executive Director. “SWAN is the leading global industry alliance in advocating the necessity of smart water networks, and promoting the use of industry changing data technologies to increase efficiency of water networks around the globe.”

Through SWAN, the Nevada COE will have an international platform to share its thinking and cutting edge water sector research with industry colleagues from around the world, to learn from their expertise, research and in-the-field experiences, and to collaborate with industry-leading companies and organizations on projects leading to improved water quality and sustainability.

Amir Peleg, SWAN Chairman, commented, “We are delighted to welcome the Nevada COE to the SWAN Forum. The COE stakeholders have taken a leadership role in the U.S. in bringing hydrologic science expertise to smart water technologies. The SWAN Forum is the perfect platform to share COE’s deep expertise and engage with SWAN’s cross-industry membership, all of whom are focused on leveraging the power of technology to protect our water resources and ensure sustainable water networks into the future.”

Smart water technologies hold the key for utilities to provide high-quality, reliable and reasonably priced water to a growing population using ageing infrastructure.  Cross-industry collaboration, such as that underway at SWAN, is pivotal to providing the shared knowledge and expertise necessary to allow wide adoption of smart water technologies.

SWAN welcomes members from around the world, with a clear mission of sharing expertise and tools across the industry and across the world. The U.S. market has much to add to the global conversation and SWAN would like to include the perspective of all players in the U.S. water sector interested in the smart water space – water utilities, technology companies, academics, investors, regulators – to SWAN’s cross-industry collaboration and thinking.

Nathan Allen

Las Vegas, Nevada